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Tandem Ventures is a Chicago-based economic development consulting firm with over 14 years experience managing and enforcing regulatory compliance, fostering community engagement, creating innovative diversity and inclusion strategies and supplier diversity initiatives. Certified as a MBE/WBE/DBE business, Tandem is expert in all City, State and Federal rules, regulations, size standards and guidelines that govern Disadvantaged, Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Programs. Tandem understands the importance of not only maximizing the participation and contracts awarded to Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Businesses, but also the importance of engaging a diverse mix of trade professionals that represents the diversity of a specific project community.


To ensure that each project undertaken achieves the highest level of success and client satisfaction, after receiving a scope of work from the client, Tandem collaborates efforts with the ward Alderman and community stakeholders to incorporate their vision into the project scope. Being able to align client and community objectives, guarantees project success. Tandem’s niche service offerings have created measurable impacts on projects that have led to more sustained communities through the stimulation of local economic activity and human capital development. Tandem partners with a variety of institutional, corporate and non-profit clients in the public and private sectors and commit to work in partnership with you.


Ms. Tang believes that compliance, community outreach and diversity inclusion is about strengthening the communities in which her clients do business; creating economic opportunities for the residents within the community and economic sustainability for the businesses that anchor the community. In November 2008, Ms. Tang established Tandem Ventures based upon that belief. As Principal of Tandem Ventures, Ms. Tang is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm’s regulatory compliance portfolio and all community outreach and diversity initiatives. With over 14-years experience managing and enforcing regulatory programs across the Chicagoland area, Ms. Tang’s experience has given her the opportunity to develop solid relationships with industry leaders and an expansive list of ward Alderman, intergovernmental agencies and community groups. Clients and Alderman alike have come to know and trust Ms. Tang for her continuous delivery of successfully managed projects. Ms. Tang has been responsible for the enforcement and management of compliance on multiple CHA, HUD, City of Chicago and IHDA funded projects. Her project resume includes the CHA redevelopment of the Ida B. Wells Housing Development, now Arches of Oakwood Shores, the NAVTEQ Data Center, in addition to a list of commercial, senior housing and mixed-use projects. Prior to establishing Tandem Ventures, Ms. Tang served as Director of Compliance and Community Relations for a sizeable general contracting firm based in Chicago. As Director of Compliance and Community Relations, Ms. Tang was responsible for managing compliance and community outreach initiatives on a $55M per year project portfolio. Ms. Tang places a great focus on philanthropic initiatives as an additional portal to enfranchising communities and its residents by way of fundraising efforts, in-kind support and volunteering. When Ms. Tang isn’t spearheading events, she’s helping to advance and stabilize the lives of children and adolescents at SOS Children’s Village of Illinois where she is both a Mentor and Advisory Board member for the organization. Ms. Tang also sits on the Strategic Planning Board for Roseland Community Hospital.

Team, Strategy, Execution

The Foundation on which every successful project undertaken is built.

Client Satisfaction

Growing and maintaining client relationships through continuous delivery of successfully managed projects.

Program Management

Regulatory requirements will impact your project. We will do our best to make sure your project meets or exceeds goals.

Community Outreach

Strategically communicating your project ideas and objectives to continuously leverage support.


At Tandem, our mission is to collaboratively manage the needs and expectations of our clients, while placing a great focus on the needs and expectations of the community. This mission is achieved by working with clients and community stakeholders as a team in partnership. We endeavor to understand the needs of the client and community by receiving input from all view points, accurately assessing the deliverables, and then delivering a high-quality service that benefits both the client and community. Tandem takes a four-step approach with all projects: Team, Strategy, Infrastructure and Execution.

Let us introduce you to the power of collaboration.


Regulatory requirements will vary depending on funding source(s), and Tandem Ventures is well-versed in managing and enforcing all regulatory requirements, including but not limited to:

  • MBE/WBE/DBE Utilization & Maximization
  • Davis Bacon & Prevailing Wage Monitoring
  • Section 3 | Local Community Hiring
  • Residency Requirements
  • Other Imposed Regulatory Requirements


Community support is critical to the success of any project.  Without it, your project could suffer delays, negative publicity or completely fail to materialize.  Tandem will work to create initiatives that foster local public awareness activities through targeted community interaction, increase confidence among stakeholders and constituents and influence perception.  Connecting and engaging the community to the ideas and objectives that are synonymous with your project goals, drive support.

  • Project Awareness Campaigns
  • Host Pre-Bid Meetings & Contractor/Supplier Outreach Forums
  • Serve as a Liaison to Elected Officials, Intergovernmental Agencies and Community Groups


If your firm is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace, Tandem will work with you to create a diversity and inclusion program to successfully attract and retain diverse members as part of your organization and effectively incorporate their differences into a functional working environment.

A key part of Tandem’s diversity and inclusion initiative is supplier diversity.  Tandem will work with your firm to strategically source materials from under-utilized minority and disadvantaged suppliers, while helping your firm strengthen relationships with existing suppliers and creating relationships with a pool of untapped diverse suppliers, driving both inclusion and economic sustainability.  Tandem’s goal is to make supplier diversity a fundamental business strategy for its clients; incorporating supplier diversity into the day-to-day procurement practices that reflects the marketplace and communities served.



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